Sanitisation & Disinfection Anti-microbial Clean

Perfect One Services can sanitise and disinfect your office and workplace, providing a deep anti-microbial clean using hospital-grade disinfectants to breakdown and remove bacteria and viruses, targeting both low and high contact surfaces and inaccessible areas.

Regular anti-microbial cleaning should form part of your action plan – 3, 6 or 12 monthly, to disinfect high contact areas to ensure most if not all bacteria, viruses and microorganisms are removed,
protecting you, your staff and your customers/clients.

Key Services:

  • Regular cleaning focusing on sanitisation
  • Anti-microbial carpet steam cleaning
  • Anti-microbial upholstery steam cleaning
  • Sanitisation and disinfection service
  • Bio fogging and misting service
  • Saftey, PPE and hygiene supplies Infection preventation supplies

Quick Facts:

  • Kills and prevents the spread of viruses, bacteria and micro organisms
  • Reduces the risk of cross contamination
  • Safe, non-toxic and environmentally
  • friendlyAfter-hours application available
  • Hospital grade, TGA approved chemicals

Cleaning Process


Thorough manual surface clean (focusing on high touch points), removing visible debris, dirt, dust, and oils

Disinfection Anti-microbial clean

Misting application used to disperse fine micron particles on surfaces, creating an antimicrobial layer

Final Touch point clean

Light surface wipe down of all electronics, computer peripherals and other delicate equipment

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